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Sinu ostukorv
Attention! It takes at least 3 days to prepare
What time is it convenient for you to come to order (8: 00-20: 00)
Cake selection and decorations
Choose the cake you like and decide on its weight (average portion per person - 200 g).
You can specify the minimum weight of some cakes (for example, 2 kg).

The cake can be made to order, write or call us.
You can choose: color, decoration (flowers, berries, chocolate drops, etc.), liqueur impregnation of the biscuit, sugar-free cake (Slim), ginger frostings, letters, etc.
The cost of a cake by special order is specified with the pastry chef.
Date of preparation and delivery time
Be sure to note the date and time you received your order.
Attention! The minimum lead time is 3 days.
Ordering and payment
Check everything carefully and pay for the order.
Specify packaging (if required).
You will receive an offer by email shortly.
Write to us
Feel free to write and call.
We really enjoy communicating with our clients.
We are not reserving tables.
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