Heartwarming modern Estonian cuisine

In the heart of the city, amidst the buzz, you´ll find a quaint and quiet little cafe called Rukis, where the aromas from the confectionary, bakery and kitchen combine to create a heartwarming feeling of nostalgia - perfect place for a breather to clear your mind.


€650Edgy eggs BenedictorClassic two egg omeletteorFried or boiled eggs

Quick Snack

Can´t cook or just in a rush?LOTS OF SALTY SAVORIES

Healthy Meal

Defeat the hunger and refresh your mind withA FRESH SALAD

Delicious Cakes

For the natural sweet-toothCAKES, CAKES AND MORE CAKES

Every Day

OPEN 8:00-20:00

Tasty Bread

Straight out of the ovenHEAVENLY BREAD

Cozy Cafe in the Old Town

Come for breakfast or for a cup of great coffee



Sneak a peek in our open bakery and witness the heavenly sight and smell


Our selection of cakes and sweet savories will brake the will of any sweet-tooth


Kitchen is open from 8am

Enjoy our mouth-watering selection of breakfast to side that nice warm cup of tea or coffee.

Our cosy interior, warm buzz and sweet, sweet aroma will help break the ice for even the most frigid personoids and if that doesn´t help, then a breathtaking bite to eat or slice of sweet will make any cold-hearted creep spill the beans. So, what more are you waiting for, direct your step towards our door and take a friend, or two, or more.